So it begins…

I don’t exactly know what started it all, but I have always had a crazy fascination with travel and adventure. I thought that was completely normal, doesn’t everyone want to experience the world? Unfortunately no. There are just a select few who are willing to trade their comfort zone for a different time zone. I’d trade any bit of stability for uncertainty. Maybe that sounds insane, irresponsible, and scary – but to me that’s the best part. I get bored living in the mundane suburbia that I was blessed to be born in. Ironic, I know. There is just so much more to life than what’s surrounding us and I want to experience all of it.

Side Note: I’m sure some of you may be rolling your eyes, because for financial reasons most people can’t just travel. But, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – I’m not rich, I never was, I may never be. But that doesn’t stop me. We make room for the things in life we really want. Travel light, there’s no need for lavish hotels, extravagant meals, or crazy shopping sprees. Live within your means and plan accordingly, anything is possible.

I left the country for my first time in 2011 on a 10-Day trip to Israel, although I got sick and was pretty uncomfortable the majority of the trip, it was still an amazing experience. But what made that trip so special was coming home and realizing how different America really was. For the first time in my life, I had an outside perspective of my home country. I saw places differently, people differently, and really had a new outlook on life.

Fast forward to 2013, when I studied abroad in Italy. I embarked by myself for the Summer knowing I’d have yet another life changing experience, and it was amazing to say the least. I studied in Italy for eight weeks documenting every weekend trip, every frutti di bosco cornetto, and every emotion throughout my travels. After my study abroad program ended, I packed my bags again and flew city to city all over Spain and France before eventually heading back home. My surreal adventure came to a bittersweet end after three months of living out of a suitcase.

I finished my degree in June of 2014 and returned back to Europe for a three-month solo backpacking trip the following September. It’s become an obsession. I cannot go a day without thinking about traveling. I stare at maps and plan the trips that I can (and will eventually) do. I love photography and have come to realize I really enjoy writing as well. So that’s why I’ve started this blog. As a way to document my experiences, share my life through photographs, and express my greatest aspirations.

I brought my blog up to speed with my past travels and am continuing with posts of new adventures as they come. Until then, you can find me making the best of weekend trips and local adventures!

Ohh! And for those of you wondering why my blog is cheesily-titled Carissa Explores It All. It’s an ode to Clarissa explains it all, the show that made it slightly easier for people to remember my name.