A Piece of Pisa

I am the biggest tourist abroad. My professor once corrected me by suggesting that I use the term traveler, but who am I kidding? I am most definitely a tourist. I walk around with my camera around my neck, I’m constantly glued to my map navigating new roads, and yet I still ask locals, “Scusi, dove é ____?” But, in Pisa… absolutely everyone in sight is a tourist. It was pretty hilarious watching everyone trying to take their ridiculous cliché photographs with the tower (obviously I was one of them).

I wanted to be creative, so I imagined a way to involve my roommates too. I envisioned that I would be grabbing the tower while having all of them pulling me away. That way it would appear like I was pulling the tower toward me, thus making it lean. Unfortunately, I am 5’9″ and not exactly a twig, so holding me up for a photograph was a problem. I almost fell multiple times; they laughed, I screamed, and we all created a bit of a scene.

With many attempted trials my roommates and I failed to get the shot. But, being the determined (mostly stubborn) individual I am, I decided to flag down a few fine gentleman to assist us. Which ended up being even worse because they actually did drop me. Luckily, I was quick enough to catch myself before my face went straight into the lawn. Yet even with stronger assistants, we could not get the proportion of the shot lined up properly. It actually is a lot harder than it looks. Even though we failed to get my desired shot, it was still a lot of fun trying. It may have been a dangerous public disaster, but I’ll always have the funny memories that were well worth a few scrapes.

30 June 2013

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