Carissa in Caparsa


Happy 4th of July? Instead of celebrating with copious amounts of subpar beer, I celebrated by visiting one of the most beautiful wineries in the Tuscan region of Siena, Azienda Agraria Caparsa. Caparsa can be found in Radda in Chianti, a small town composed of arguably some of the best wine in Italy. We arrived by bus in the early afternoon and began touring through the miles (kilometers?) of grapevines.


As we were walking Paolo pointed out a tree to me with little berries hanging from it, he asked, “Are you an adventurous eater?” I laughed and said, “Sure.” He instructed me to grab a berry from the tree and eat it. Confused, I questioned, “Well – what are they?” To which he warmly smiled and replied, “No ask, just eat.” To this day I still have no idea what I ate, but it was really tasty and I survived.

Our host, Paolo Cianferoni, is an incredibly humble, charismatic, and charming Italian man. He showed us his home, introduced us to his children, and most importantly showed us how he makes his unbeatable organic wine. We walked through the vineyard, down to the basement where he stores the wine, and then back up to the main courtyard for a tasting. I definitely tasted the best red wine I have ever had, 100% Sangiovese Chianti Classico. Now I understand why Paolo drinks 1.5L a day of his homemade wine. I definitely had to splurge on a case to ship back home, which I cannot wait to open in a few years. I loved everything about this beautiful trip, Paolo and his family were very nice and extremely knowledgeable.

We headed back to Florence for the evening and just to make the day even more un-American, we ended up having traditional Lebanese food for dinner… which was also surprisingly really, really good. All in all, was definitely a fun and interesting 4th of July.


4 July 2013

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