Apennine Colossus


Before I left for Italy, a few places were suggested to me that I had to visit when I was living abroad. My brother suggested that I visit (and Instagram) the tumblr famous, Apennine Colossus at Villa di Pratolino.


I researched online and eventually found out where it was located. I tied my sneakers, grabbed my camera, and began my unnecessarily long excursion to find a giant stone statue. I hunted down the local bus information, waited an hour and a half to catch the right bus, and was dropped off in a seemingly deserted town. With very poor directions, I walked about a mile to the gardens. I greeted a couple security guards with a weary smirk, grabbed a map, and I navigated myself through the massive estate. I walked up the dirt road, across a field, down a cement path and finally found the Apennine Colossus. Well, I found the colossal amount of scaffolding covering the Apennine Colossus, since apparently the statue was under construction for the next year… [insert profanity].

Fortunately, I still got to see some amazing things, I learned a lot about the history of the estate, and I got to travel to another town. Plus, it was a nearly free trip and an interesting adventure. I recommend checking out the Apennine Colossus if you’re ever in Florence. Unlike how I did it, if planned in advance, it can be an easy day trip.

7 July 2013

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